Admissions Counseling

The college admissions process can be overwhelming.  School counselors often have large case loads, and students and families find they do not always get the attention they need.  That is where Soar For Success steps in. 

We answer students' questions:

  • How important are campus tours and interviews?
  • What do I look for when I read about a college?
  • What kind of questions will the admissions office representative ask, and how should I respond?
  • How does financial aid work?
  • Should I apply Early Decision?
  • What should I write for the application essays?

We help students learn what to look for when researching a college. We teach interviewing skills before meeting with admissions officers. We show how to look beyond the campus tour.

College admissions is not what it used to be years ago. Today, students are expected to own much of the responsibility, but they don’t always know how to proceed. We provide effective coaching.

Students have to write an essay about themselves, but they often find deciding what to write about to be challenging. Soar For Success helps them find the right topic and approach. 

Soar For Success is not a placement agency; that is where school counselors come in. Bill works with students to take the school’s suggestions and  develop a list of appropriate schools. While there is always a First Choice school, his students find reasons why they would be happy to attend each of the colleges on their list.   

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