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Bill Peltz is an award-wining master teacher with almost 40 years of classroom experience. He taught at the middle and high school levels, and he lectured graduate students at Southern Connecticut State University. 

Bill is the author of over 200 papers, newsletters, and articles, as well as 5 books, including Dear Teacher: Expert Advice for Effective Study Skills. He is an expert in test design and also the application of brain science to education, and as an administrator, he was involved in the admissions process. 

When he left the classroom as a full-time teacher (he currently teaches part-time at the Norwalk Community College in Connecticut), he created Soar For Success in order to help students prepare for admissions tests – the ISEE, SSAT, ACT, and SAT – and to coach and assist students (and parents) in the college application process. He works one-on-one so each student obtains his full attention; he does not believe in taking a cookie cutter approach. His goal has always been to help students succeed, and it is not uncommon for him to draw on his many years of experience to give advice about organization, time management, and even essay writing.  


"I was so excited when my grades started to improve."  [T.A.]

"My teachers just told me to study harder.  You showed me how to do it."  [R.G.]

"Guess what the first interview question was.  Thanks to the work we did, I nailed it!"  [M.O.]

"My school never gave me as much help as you did.  I just received my first acceptance." [K.F.]

"I knew I would get into college.  What I didn't expect is that I would learn so much about myself along the way." [D.E.]

"You gave me some great advice that helped me decide which test to take."  [T.C.]

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